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Please use SCHOOLOGY to communicate with teachers.

Most teacher email follows this protocol:

Department Name Job Title
Administration Dr. Michael Dillman Principal
Administration Marcus Allen Assistant Principal (Li-Rd)
Administration Michelle Gilmore Assistant Principal (Re-Z)
Administration Erik Engelstatter Assistant Principal (E-Lh)
Administration Raeda Zietoon Assistant Principal (A-D)
Coordinator Howard Putterman Coordinator of Athletics and Facilities
Art Christian Madenspacher Teacher
Art Mike Heller Teacher
Art Hannah Shinozaki Teacher
Art Tracy Bozzonetti Teacher
Attendance Angela King-McGavin Instructional Assistant
Attendance Mary Dodson Secretary
Business and CompSci Ashley Abuelhawa Teacher
Business and CompSci Julie Morris Teacher
Business and CompSci Leslie Parente Teacher
Career and Tech Matthew Kronk Teacher
Career and Tech Dane Grossnickle Teacher
Career and Tech/Bus Lisa Shockey Teacher
Career and Tech Gerald Kirk Teacher
Career and Tech Patricia Beachy Teacher
Career and Tech Patrick Greene Teacher
Career and Tech Thomas Hawthorne Teacher
CASS Coordinator Meghan Egerton Coordinator
Custodian Mike Bowles Lead Custodian
Custodian Sam Biggus Custodian
Custodian Larry Bolin Custodian
Custodian Ayayi Ahyi Custodian
Custodian Brian Curtis Asst. Lead
Custodian Ruby Morris-Ambush Custodian
Custodian Hernan Olivares Custodian
Custodian Wanda Orellano Custodian
Custodian Melvin Tyler Custodian
Custodian Randy Wiles Custodian
Custodian Shawn Pyles Custodian
  Vacant Custodian
  Vacant  Custodian
English Angela Smith Teacher
English Damon Norko Teacher
English Lauren Siebert Teacher
English Mary Troxel Teacher
English Kendall Bille Teacher
English Patricia Kolias Teacher
English Patrick Morgan Teacher
English Randi Kirkland Teacher
English Susan Peterson Teacher
English Victoria Benson Teacher
English Alexis Anzmann Teacher
Family and Consumer Science Kate Lane Teacher
Family and Consumer Science Meghan Ballatt Instructional Assistant
Food Service Barbara Cox Site Assistant
Food Service Christy Otto Food Service
Food Service Pauline Purdum Food Service
Health Room LeAnn Windsor Health Room Technician
Health Room Nikki Neyman Nurse
Health, PE Kevin Clancy Teacher
Health, PE Rachael Easterday Teacher
Instructional Assistant David Buck Instructional Assistant
Instructional Assistant Adrienne Lee DLL Mentor
Instructional Assistant Jen Twiford Media Center
Instructional Assistant Jenny Ribecca Art/SS
Mathematics Allison Partner Teacher
Mathematics Angela Knapp Teacher
Mathematics Anne Thigpen Teacher
Mathematics Brandon Murrell Teacher
Mathematics Jennifer Purgason Teacher
Mathematics Jennifer Weiss Teacher
Mathematics Joey Athey Teacher
Mathematics Kenneth Halter Teacher
Mathematics Moira DiGiacamantonio Teacher
Mathematics Dan Lake Teacher
Mathematics Sharon Drake Teacher
Mathematics Therese Klein Teacher
Mathematics William Eckard Teacher
Mathematics Jim Lindblade Specialist
Media Center Marsha Thompson Media Specialist
PE, Science Andrea Poffinberger Teacher
PE Jordan Dixon Teacher
Health, PE Kevin Clancy Teacher
Health, PE Rachael Easterday Teacher
PE Richard Conner Teacher
PE Christina Moats Teacher
PE Jason Shipley Teacher
Performing Arts, Social Studies Angela Smithhisler Teacher
Performing Arts Damon Dye Teacher
Performing Arts Kevin Lloyd Teacher
Resident Sub Herikleia Robinson Substitute
School Secretary Christine Cline AP Office
School Secretary  Fabiola Oliveros AP Office
School Secretary Deborah Day Front Office
School Secretary Heather Mattick Front Office
School Secretary Patrice Wiles Administrative
Financial Specialist Jill Ensor Front Office
School Secretary Judith Hardister Athletics
Science Amber McCauley Teacher
PE, Science Andrea Poffinberger Teacher
Science Beth Ericsson Teacher
Science Christopher Hahn Teacher
Science Lynn Fox Teacher
Science Jessica Baker Teacher
Science Kathleen Shields Teacher
Science Lauren Koogle Teacher
Science Mark Sunkel Teacher
Science Valerie Riley Teacher
Science Chris Turner Teacher
Science Kelli Landerman Instructional Assistant
Social Studies Aaron Burch Teacher
Performing Arts, Social Studies Angela Smithhisler Teacher
Social Studies Darren Hornbeck Teacher/Professional Development Coordinator
Social Studies Dawn Murphy Teacher
Social Studies James Jensen Teacher
Social Studies Jamie Hendi Teacher
Social Studies Janvier "Jeb" Beaver Teacher
Social Studies Joseph Hawkins Teacher
Social Studies Michelle Richardson Teacher
Social Studies Samira Diggs Teacher
Social Studies Zackary Yurich Teacher
Social Studies Michael Weimert Teacher  
Social Studies Lance Day Teacher
Special Education Anthony Digman Special Education Instructor
Special Education Katrina Kenderdine Special Education Instructor
Special Education Gayle Blair Special Education Instructor
Special Education TBD Special Education Instructor
Special Education Kirk Meehan Special Education Instructor
Special Education Jennifer Brennan Teacher
Special Education Madison Davies Teacher
Special Education Mary Jo York SEIA
Special Education Stephanie Bindel Case Manager
Special Education Tim Abercrombie Special Education Instructor
Special Education Toni Shiderly Specialist
Special Education Traci Davies Case Manager
Special Education Patricia Aburto Instructional Assistant
Special Education Amy Coffey Bravo Instructional Assistant
Special Education Margie Cohen Instructional Assistant
Special Education April Dunne Instructional Assistant
Special Education Karianne Eckard Instructional Assistant
Special Education Allison Freibaum Instructional Assistant
Special Education Charlee Beach Instructional Assistant
Special Education Peter Kreegan Instructional Assistant
Special Education Michelle Massey Instructional Assistant
Special Education TBD Instructional Assistant
Specialist Rebecca Howes Behavioral Support Specialist/504 Coordinator
Specialist Tom Kraft College and Career Readiness Teacher
Specialist Tracey Cassidy Literacy Specialist
Specialist Nicole Lear Speech Pathologist
Student Services Katherine Becker School Counselor (A-C)
Student Services Renata Emery School Counselor (S-Z)
Student Services Jessica McDonald School Counselor (I-Mn)
Student Services Chris O'Brien School Counselor (D-H)
Student Services Jessica Pinion School Counselor (Mo-R)
Student Services Kirstin Reggio Registrar
Student Services Lisa Martinazzi Instructional Assistant
Student Services Kim Failor Instructional Assistant
Support Staff Conor Nolan User Support Specialist
Support Staff Mike Bowles Lead Custodian
Work-Based Learning David Kenderdine Teacher
Work-Based Learning Jeremy Brown Teacher
World Language Andres Wright Teacher
World Language Leane Pupo Teacher
World Language Rosa Munoz Teacher
World Language Stephanie Stolz Teacher