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Honor Code

All students at Linganore High School are encouraged to achieve at the highest level of their abilities with academic honesty and personal integrity.  The Academic Honor Code has been created to establish a common understanding among staff, students and parents/guardians as to what constitutes cheating.  

LHS considers each of the following as academic misconduct:

  • Cheating, whether on exams or assignments, includes but is not limited to: copying the work of others, asking or allowing another to do your work, providing your work for another to use.
  • Plagiarism, also known as academic theft, refers to the use of another’s ideas or words without proper attribution or credit.
  • Collusion is when any student knowingly or intentionally helps another student perform any acts of the above cheating or plagiarism.  Both students will be subject to discipline for academic dishonesty.  There is no distinction between those who cheat, plagiarize, or steal and those who help or who willingly allow it to occur.

Academic honesty is a cornerstone of the high academic integrity established and expected at Linganore High School.  Violations of this code will result in the total loss of credit for the assignment and the recording of a failing grade.  It may also entail loss of credit for the course and additional disciplinary action.  Violations of the LHS Honor Code can also affect extracurricular activities, including but not limited to participation on sports teams, membership in clubs or National Honor Societies, scholarships and letters of recommendation.