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Extracurricular activities are school-sponsored activities other than regular class activities in which students ­represent their school (ex: athletic teams, student clubs or organizations, class or club officers).

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in extracurriculars, high school students need a minimum 2.00 grade point average and no “F” grades. Only "traditional" FCPS 9-week term grades determine eligibility. Eligibility (except for 9th graders) for fall extracurriculars is based on 4th-term grades from the last school year. Ineligible students may practice but may not accompany teams or groups or be excused from any class for extracurricular activities. See Policy 509 and Regulation 500-24.

To ensure continued eligibility, parents and students should monitor student grades using Schoology. Log in regularly to check grades and assignments or sign up for e-mail alerts.