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Oakdale High School Clubs



Block 1 Clubs

Art Club

Description: A club for students who wish to create art and collaborate with other students. We will work on group pieces, individual work, and the overall exploration of different art mediums and processes.

Advisor: George

Location: B231


Description: Preparing for the USA Biolympiad, which is a national biology competition

Advisor: Morgenthaler

Location: B200

Equestrian Club

Description: Club members support the equestrian team, develop/continue a love of equines, and support FFA. Activities include show n tell of personal equine involvement, apples to apples equine style, field trips to volunteer at foxy g, tie dye horse pads, make horse treats, give and discuss dates for team try outs and shows, participate in ag day, practice patterns and discuss different types of riding, etc.

Advisor: Caliskan

Location: B230 (may meet during SET or after school)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Description: Providing students an opportunity to get together to discuss faith, athletics, and life. Also, providing the opportunity for students to interact and get to know others. You don’t have to be a Christian or an athlete to join. 

Advisor(s): Gough, Widmeyer, Ray

Location: Gymnasium


Description: To develop premiere leadership, personal growth, and career success in our members. This is an intracurricular organization for students interested in agricultural education.

Advisor(s): Welty

Location: B101

Membership Requirements: Students enrolled in a Plant and Animal Science course are eligible for full membership which allows them to participate on the chapter, regional, state, and national levels. Those without a Plant and Animal Sciences course may still join and participate but only have eligibility on the chapter (OHS) level

Junior Class

Description: Participate in junior class spirit activities during homecoming week.  Fundraise for the junior class.  Plan the junior/senior prom. 

Advisor(s): Jackson and Moore

Location: TBD

Membership Requirements: Club open to all 11th graders.

Music Discussion Club

Description: Club participants discuss music of interest with their peers

Advisor(s): Smarick

Location: B203

Muslim Student Association

Description: Educate and inform students about Islam and Muslim culture/traditions.  This organization is open to all students, regardless of faith. 

Advisor(s): Matute

Location: Cafeteria

Travel Club

Description: Discuss different modes of travel, share travel experiences, take field trips, non school affiliated travel abroad opportunities and open the minds of young travelers and soak up all the experiences and education that travel has to offer. Activities include guest speakers, sharing of travel photos, foods around the world cultural celebration, apples to apples travel club style, cupcake wars travel themed, pictionary and charades travel theme, etc.

Advisor(s): Caliskan

Location: B230 (may meet during SET or after school)

VEX Robotics

Description: Prepare and compete in the world-wide VEX Robotics competition

Advisor(s): Walker and Harold

Location: A119

Membership Requirements: Application process required. The club meets every day during SET (unless students are called for a class). The club also meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 - 4:00. This goes from the beginning of the school year until the end of January.


Block 2 Clubs


Description: A club for students who wish to create art and collaborate with other students. We will work on group pieces, individual work, and the overall exploration of different art mediums and processes.

Advisor: Rinker

Location: B231

Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI)

Description: Spread awareness of Asian culture through activities, including AAPI month in May. 

Advisor(s): Chang

Location: B115

Chess Club

Description: Play/Learn the game of Chess

Advisor: Hayre

Location: A104

Educators Rising (Future Teachers)

Description: Explore education as a career. Guest speakers are often invited. We do an annual book drive to help FCPS students in need, and typically team up to do a gift for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Advisor: Kenney

Location: B202

French Club

Description: Have fun playing games, making and eating food, watching movies, listening to music- all relating to French culture.

Advisor: Quill

Location: B229

Membership Requirements: Interest in French and/or registration in a current, past, or future French class. (Interest is enough.  No requirement to have completed or be enrolled in a French class.)

Multicultural Club

Description: A club designed for students of all cultures to learn from and connect with one another. We enjoy celebrating the diversity among our student body as well as within our community. Building relationships and strengthening bonds is an important aspect of the club. Students participate in outside activities to connect. Students bring awareness to varying cultural practices and celebrations. Students recognize minorities who have greatly contributed to education, politics and inclusivity. Students participate in discussions involving inequality and injustice in America. Students also have discussions about ways to better support minorities in the OHS school setting.

Advisor(s): Dixon and McGraw

Location: A117

National Dance Honor Society

Description: Honor society for students who share a commitment to and the love of dance.

Advisor(s): Watson

Location: A107

Membership Requirements: By application only. 

National Math Honor Society

Description: A service organization dedicated to helping other students learn and excel in math.

Advisor(s): Watson

Location: A107

Membership Requirements: Eligible students must apply.

Philosophy Club

Description: Read and learn about classic philosophy and ponder philosophical questions.

Advisor(s): Malone

Location: A210

Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society)

Description: Social Studies Honor Society with a  focus on service and leadership

Advisor(s): Kenney and Habina

Location: B202

Membership Requirements: Application will be available in September: morning announcements will be made and information will be in Weekly Bear News.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

Description: Providing a safe place for members of the lgbtqia+ community and allies. Plan and participate in events for the community. 

Advisor(s): Quill and Heine

Location: B229

Sophomore Class 

Description: Represent the sophomore class during Homecoming and other school spirit activities

Advisor(s): Porter

Location: B200

Membership Requirements: Membership open to all 10th Graders

Tri-M (Music Honor Society)

Description: Tri-M is a service based honors music society.  

Advisor(s): Burton

Location: D153

Membership Requirements: Students must be enrolled and participating in the music program at OHS. Students will be required to submit an application and meet GPA requirements. 

Veterans Service Club

Description: Conduct service drives for active-duty and veterans throughout the year

Advisor(s): Isacco

Location: A224


Block 4 Clubs

Environmental Action Club

Description: Environmental sustainability at OHS and in our communities. The club will continue to work on the Green School Initiatives needs for recertification. 

Advisor: Nave

Location: A118


Description: The Envirothon is a fun and exciting way for high school students in grades 9-12 to learn about the natural world around us. Envirothon teams are made up of 5 students who work together to study Maryland’s natural resources over the course of the school year.  All topics are very hands-on and include practical skills and the training taught by experts in each field.  

Advisor: Nave

Location: A118

Membership Requirements: Good school attendance and ability to stay after school in the spring. 

Freshman Class

Description: Build community amongst the 9th graders and participate in school spirit activities 

Advisor: Schoder

Location: A211

Membership Requirements: Membership open to all 9th graders

Kindness Club

Description: Club members explore ways to spread kindness in an effective manner, which is action driven and produces results.  This is a project-based club where all club members come together and decide on a goal that they will work towards during the semester. 

Advisor: Bratburd

Location: TBD

Mini-THON (For the Kids-Conquering Childhood Cancer)

Description: Mini-THON is a way for students to get involved in year-long fundraising efforts to conquer childhood cancer. The club's purpose is to raise awareness and funds for Four Diamonds, a cancer treatment center in Hershey, PA, in order to help their mission to conquer childhood cancer. The year ends with a celebratory fun-filled event. 

Advisor: Brewer

Location: A226

National Art Honor Society

Description: To serve the community through the visual arts. We complete 4-5 service projects a year including a student art exhibit at FERKO, create a themed decorative chair for the Media Center, help the OHS Spring Art Show, and much more.

Advisor(s): Dobbin

Location: B233

Membership Requirements: By application only. Must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA, have taken an upper level Art course, demonstrate leadership and service through prior activities.


Description: A club for students interested in playing/learning the game of pickleball.  If you are also interested in, or currently playing tennis, this would be a great opportunity to hone your net sports skills.

Advisor(s): Schlee

Location: A149/Tennis Courts

Spanish Culture Club

Description: Come explore the culture of Spanish countries. Club members will create activities to celebrate Hispanic Culture Month and also learn Salsa and other Latin dance. This club is open to all students. 

Advisor: Rosario

Location: B205

Start-UP Frederick

Description: Students prepare and compete in an entrepreneurial competition

Advisor(s): Stieg

Location: B210

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

Description: A club empowering students to know the warning signs of violence, along with when and how to seek help. Associated with Sandy Hook Promise organization. 

Advisor(s): Smith

Location: A204

Student Government Association

Description: Student government and event planning

Advisor(s): Miller and Mulcahy

Location: B200 (location may vary)

Membership Requirements: There was a membership application. 


Block 5 Clubs

American Sign Language

Description: Club for students who enjoy or want to learn more about ASL.  Club activities include learning basic signs, playing games, and ILY valentines in Feb.

Advisor: Fitzpatrick and Mulcahy

Location: B227

Bear Voices (School Culture Club)

Description: Provide students with an opportunity to give feedback and input to improve school culture

Advisor: Brown

Location: B206

Membership Requirements: By invitation only

Because I Said I Would

Description:“because I said I would” is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. The program is changing lives through character development programs and volunteer projects in partnership with schools, juvenile detention centers, prisons and communities.

Advisor: Socash

Location: Cafeteria

Feed Frederick

Description: Collect donations/food to donate to different Frederick organizations to help those in need.

Advisor: Przybocki

Location: TBD

Glee Club

Description: An opportunity for students to sing and make music with others, and maybe explore performance opportunities.  Students will be able to explore singing music from various backgrounds, such as pop music, musical, and other music of their choosing. 

Advisor: J. Grimm

Location: D149

Interact Club

Description: Interact Club is a service-based organization affiliated with Rotary, an international community-based organization, that organizes at least two projects every year to help their school or community. 

Advisor: Heine

Location: A207

Magic: The Gathering

Description: Engage in MTG game play

Advisor(s): Harold

Location: Media Center

Mental Health Awareness Club

Description: To spread mental health awareness throughout the Oakdale community

Advisor(s): Twigg

Location: A213

National Business Honor Society

Description: Honor society for qualified business students with one annual service project

Advisor(s): Stieg and Codd

Location: B207 (Club may meet during Block 4. Updates will be on Schoology)

Membership Requirements: Junior or Senior who has passed 3 business classes or is enrolled in their 3rd business class with a GPA of 3.5 in business and overall GPA of 3.0

National History Day

Description: National History Day is a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for 6th- to 12th-grade students. By participating in NHD, students become writers, filmmakers, web designers, playwrights and artists as they create unique contemporary expressions of history. The experience culminates in a series of contests at the local and affiliate levels and an annual national competition in the nation's capital in June.

Advisor(s): Beard

Location: A214

Membership Requirements: Apply for NHD when the time comes and follow deadlines for the project.

Polar Bear Plunge

Description: Prepare for the Polar Plunge on February 1, 2024

Advisor(s): James and Remsburg

Location: Gym

Membership Requirements: Student membership requires fundraising.

Project Lit

Description: Project Lit is a national, grassroots literacy movement—a network of dedicated teachers and students who are committed to increasing access to culturally relevant books and promoting a love of reading in schools and communities across America.

Advisor(s): Corridon

Location: A212

Red Cross Club

Description: We are a national affiliated club with the American Red Cross. We complete chapter mandated service projects throughout the year

Advisor(s): Cole

Location: Auditorium

Membership Requirements: Members have mandated service requirements to maintain membership.

Science National Honor Society

Description: Provide students who have demonstrated aptitude in their science classes with opportunities to further enrich their knowledge and skills by interacting with the community and exploring further opportunities.

Advisor(s): Conte

Location: A106

Membership Requirements: Teacher recommendation and community service requirements

Senior Class

Description: Senior Homecoming Decoration Prep, student-led fundraiser or service activities, design senior t-shirt, graduation activities

Advisor(s): Polce and Ketteringham

Location: B200

Membership Requirements: Membership open to all 12th graders

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)

Description: An inclusive organization intended to connect and empower students of color and promote diversity among the student body.  OHS SOCA members will promote and attend FCPS SOCA events.

Advisor: Beard

Location: TBD

Spanish Honor Society

Description: Provide community service using Spanish language skills. Serve as peer tutors.

Advisor(s): Brown

Location: B206

Membership Requirements: 3 years of Spanish, sophomore status, application, and essays

Stock Club

Description: Educate students about personal investments such as stock trading, mock trading, and different types of personal investments. Students who already have an existing account can trade stocks and talk about more upcoming events and make possible investment strategies to help other students "get into the market".

Advisor(s): Ranallo

Location: B149

Volleyball Club

Description: This club is for recreation, socialization, and fun. Students do not have to play on a team or have advanced skills. 

Advisor(s): Whims-McGraw

Location: Gym

Membership Requirements:  Students will need to sign a safety agreement and all participants must agree to wear rubber soled shoes and dress in clothing within allows for athletic movement. 


After School Only Clubs

Academic Team

Description: Represent OHS on a competitive trivia and knowledge team. 

Advisor(s): Morgenthaler & Smarick

Meeting Days: Tuesday & Thursday After School

Location: B144

Membership Requirements: Participants must be able to provide transportation to matches on Friday evenings Jan-Feb.

Dungeons & Dragons

Description: Give students an opportunity to learn and play Dungeons and Dragons! Students will learn how to play as well as learn tips and tricks on how to better run the game for others. We will introduce new campaigns and share ideas on how to improve miniatures, battle maps, and other game equipment.

Advisor: Corpora

Location: A206

It’s LIT- Book Club

Description: To read and discuss books students select throughout the year.

Advisor(s): Owen 

Location: Media Center

Membership Requirements: Students should read a minimum of 50% of each book selected in order to participate and strive to attend 75% of meetings annually. 

Mock Trial

Description: Nationwide organization where students present a case and compete against other schools.

Advisor(s): Corridon

Location: A212

Membership Requirements: Transportation home required from meetings and competitions

Model UN

Description: Participate in Model UN program.

Advisor(s): Heine

Location: A207

Membership Requirements: Model UN requires academic writing skills.  We are happy to assist in the development of these skills but come prepared to work!

National English Honor Society

Description: The National English Honor Society (NEHS), founded and sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is the only international organization exclusively for secondary students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Immediate benefits of affiliation include academic recognition, scholarship and award eligibility, and opportunities for networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishment in, the language arts. 

Advisor(s): Cole

Location: TBD

Membership Requirements: Applications open at the end of semester one. Induction occurs in March/April. Students must have fully completed 3 credits of English courses (can include electives) with a minimum of a 3.5 in those courses and must also have a minimum overall 3.0 unweighted GPA to apply. English department recommendation is required. 

National Honor Society

Description: National Honor Society

Advisor(s): Schoder

Location: Auditorium (First Wednesday of each month at 2:15pm; there will be a virtual option at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month. 

Membership Requirements: Juniors and Seniors with weighted GPAs of 3.5 and higher are invited to apply in September of each year. 

Positivity Beats (formerly Positivity Beats Cancer)

Description: Create cards with warm wishes for children battling cancer.

Advisor: Brown

Location: B206