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Curriculum Specialist
Dr. T. DeWayne Cash

Administrative Secretary
Jill Williams

World Languages Curriculum

Middle School

French 1 & 2

Latin 1 & 2

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

World Languages Exploratory, also known as WLEX and FLEX, is a middle school course which may be taken once during grades six through eight for an elective credit.  This class does not count as part of one’s completer requirements or as a credit toward high school graduation.

This course provides students the opportunity to explore, on a limited basis, the five world languages that are offered in high school. During the course, students (a) acquire an understanding of how to be a successful world language student, (b) learn to communicate in each language on a very minimal level, (c) learn some important cultural information about the people who speak/spoke each language, (d) discuss how their own language developed and how French, German, Latin, and Spanish have influenced English, and (e) explore some basic elements of sign language. Throughout the course, students also have the opportunity to complete a project pertaining to each language studied.

Essential Curriculum