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Curriculum Specialist
Jennifer Ralston

Teacher Specialist
Lisa Halvis

Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Korb


FCPS elementary students are provided rich experiences in literature and composition to expand language experiences. They also develop the oral and written language skills to become lifelong learners, with instruction that includes spelling, word study, grammar and usage.


Students are encouraged to repeat sounds, make words, expand vocabulary, follow directions, enjoy stories and learn new information. 


Through speaking, learners share their ideas and ask for information. Strong verbal expression skills support fluent reading and effective writing.


Students receive:

  • Explicit phonics instruction to sound out decodable words.
  • Word recognition to read words that occur often in text and develop sight vocabulary
  • Reading fluency, meaning the ability to read words smoothly and readily comprehend their meaning
  • Vocabulary skills, including use of dictionaries, thesauruses and glossaries to assist with understanding unfamiliar words
  • Comprehension skills and strategies to help students to make meaning of what they hear and read. 


The highest level of language development, writing requires children to communicate ideas effectively by combining their listening, speaking and reading skills.