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Curriculum Specialist
Dr. T. DeWayne Cash

Administrative Secretary
Jill Williams

FCPS World Languages

The goal of world language study in FCPS is to equip students to become linguistically and culturally competitive in a pluralistic society. The approach to this objective is threefold: a comprehensive approach to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a target language while honing those skills in English as well; infusion of the core content as well as elective areas—mathematical concepts, world history, literature, ecology, and visual and performing arts; a substantial focus on oral/signing proficiency to provide graduates with the practical ability needed to function within and outside the United States.  Students are strongly encouraged to become proficient in at least one language other than English not only to satisfy requirements for collegiate admission, but also to be on the cutting edge of a society which is increasingly becoming more multilingual.

All courses are one credit unless otherwise indicated. A number of four-year colleges and universities now require that at least two or more credits of a student’s world language study be acquired in high school.


National World Language Standards

ACTFL National Standards and Summary - American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Summary of World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

Maryland State Curriculum

MD State Department of Education World Languages - MD World Readiness Standards, COMAR Regulation 13A.04.11 for World Languages, World Language Open Education Resources

Resources - Benefits of learning a world language - MD Seal of Biliteracy – Vocabulary, grammar, sentence, and translation practice for various languages – Vocabulary/phrase practice for various languages – Free, easy-to-read books at the novice level in various languages  Online dictionary of signs/phrases in ASL - Practice, phrases, grammar, slang, TV, radio, and footage from countries that speak the language

Essential Curriculum