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School Phone:  240-236-8600
Principal Christopher Berry
Assistant Principal (A-K) Jessen Bishard
Assistant Principal (L-Z) Laurie Atwell
Coordinator of Athletics & Facilities Kirk Meehan
Main Office
Attendance Secretary Monique Aguirre
Administrative Secretary Misty Bitler
Secretary Lauren Trouton
Health Room
School Nurse Debbie Winpigler-Beck
Health Tech Jen Webber
Student Services
Teacher, School Support Roger Dawson
Counselor (N-Z) Elizabeth Forbes
Counselor (G-M) Maddie Garris
Counselor (A-F)/Department Chair Bradley George
Social Worker Lynsie Romanek
Career Coach Amy Gibson
Registrar Rhonda Renn
Secretary Jill Wilton
College & Career Readiness Shundra Hardwick
Literacy Specialist Lydia Kowalski
Math Specialist Heather McCabe
Speech and Language Elizabeth Sherman
Art: Visual and Performing
Teacher Matt Hodge
Teacher/Department Chair Samantha Mangold
Teacher Lyndsey Peterson
Teacher Donna Tucker
Career and Tech Education
Teacher Robert Beavan
Teacher Vince Carey
Teacher Casey Day
Teacher Patricia Lorenzen
Teacher Jayson Mobley
Teacher Mikayla Stockman
Teacher Aubrey Wishner
Teacher/Department Chair John Yoho
Teacher Emily Fairbrother
Teacher Lauren Graziano
Teacher Rebekah McCord
Teacher Lyndsey Peterson
Teacher Jamee Robinson
Teacher/Department Chair Jason Shupp
Teacher Kierstin Vaughan
Teacher Matthew Brem
Teacher Maggie Clugston
Teacher Laura Gray
Teacher Heather McCabe
Teacher Melissa Pfaltzgraff
Teacher/Department Chair Katie Ronk
Teacher Sherri Young
Teacher Anne Zumbach
Media Center
Media Specialist Charlotte Thompson
Physical Education
Teacher Shawn Baker
Teacher Dara Demich
Teacher Nicholas Siok
Teacher/Department Chair David Spiezio
Teacher Jeffrey Garrison
Teacher/Department Chair David Herber
Teacher Richard Parry
Teacher Heather Ruby
Instructional Assistant Gaylene Smith-Gardner
Teacher Scott Tuomey
Social Studies
Teacher Samira Diggs
Teacher Matthew Gardner
Teacher Jeremy Johnson
Teacher/Department Chair Jeremiah Smith
Teacher Stephen Tuel
Teacher Kelly Volkert
Special Education
Teacher Dawn Chrisinger
Teacher James Coffey
Teacher/Department Chair Brent Hultslander
Teacher Erica O'Leary
Teacher Robyn Smith
Teacher Adam Wetzel
World Languages
Teacher Rosie Aguilar
Teacher/Department Chair Stacey Bentley
Teacher Timothy Bideshi
Support Staff
Instructional Assistant-CTE Kristy Baker
Virtual In-School Mentor Curtiss Belcher
Instructional Assistant Terri Benson
User Support Specialist Nicholas Bush
Instructional Assistant Karla Cuddy
Instructional Assistant-Special Ed Sherri Duvall
Instructional Assistant-Special Ed Timothy George
Program Assistant Kristie Guyton
Instructional Assistant-Special Ed Colleen Hardy-Belt
Instructional Assistant-Special Ed Michael Moore
Instructional Assistant Falicia Walker
Instructional Assistant Janel Yablon
Custodian Jordan Ault  
Custodian Mike Bates  
Custodian Gary Belt  
Custodian Meredith Hill  
Custodian Blaine McGrath  
Custodian Shawn Pyles  
Lead Custodian Thomas Riley
Assistant Lead Custodian Michael Tobery  
Staff, Lead Brandie Hite  
Staff Dawn Bush  
Staff Tania Demory  
Staff Susan Rudy