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September 2023

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  As we move into another exciting school year, we will be working to make the Brunswick experience about high expectations, showing our school spirit and, as our school website proclaims, “Excellence in All We Do.” A new school year allows us to consider that mindset, to truly pursue excellence, to be competitive in the classroom and on the field, to create, and to take pride in a job well done. Students are encouraged to show their Roader Pride in wearing spirit wear, school colors, or just bringing a ready-to-go approach as you enter our doors each day.

For members of the Class of 2027, our freshmen, I officially welcome you to the BHS community as you begin your high school adventure. Make the most of all four of your years at Brunswick – give your best effort in class, join a club or play a sport, and learn what it means to truly be a Roader!

To our seniors, The Class of 2024, you have made it to the top! Staff are here every day to make this truly the best year you have had at Brunswick, one that you will remember always. I am a firm believer that a high school rises on the quality of its senior class and the example that they set for the other students. Seniors… show your classmates what it really means to be a Roader – the good challenges, the opportunity, the fun!

Communication will be instrumental in keeping you aware of changing dates, activities, events, and much more. We use numerous digital platforms to provide you with daily updates. These include our website, featuring a calendar of activities, a weekly Principal’s Newsletter, messages on X (formerly Twitter), FCPS Find Out First, and other platforms. Please remember to check back to the website, read the Find Out First and Weekly newsletter emails, and follow our X (formerly Twitter) accounts for up-to-date information. Many of our staff and clubs utilize X as a form of instant communication. If you do not have an account or prefer not to create one, you can view my tweets directly from the right panel of our school webpage. You may also choose to follow me @BerryFCPS, along with our school newspaper, @BHSGazette.

Thank you to the support that parents and families provide to our school every day. This is a special school and town, one that inspires me in service as your principal. I am very excited for this school year and challenge you to consider “Excellence in All We Do”.

With Railroader Pride,

Christopher Berry