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School Phone: 240-236-7000
Attendance Secretary Linda Reed
Principal Dr. David Franceschina
Assistant Principal Chaitu Chary
Assistant Principal Dr. Danny Rumpf
Assistant Principal Erik Engelstatter
Assistant Principal Rebecca Hackett
Assistant Principal Sheri Murphy
Student Services
School Counselor- A-C Christine Alexander
         School Counselor                    I-O 9th &10th,           I-N 11th & 12th Laren Anderson
         School Counselor                 S-Z 11th & 12th,         R-Z 9th & 10th James Claney
School Counselor- D-H Carrie Garman
         School Counselor                 O-R 11th & 12th,         P-Q 9th & 10th Patricia Lombardi
School Counselor EL Jessica Wismer
Behavior Health Specialist Casey Byrd
School Registrar Cara Dragan
School Counseling Secretary Lindsey Kurtz
Project Manager for High School Innovation Michelle Shearer
LYNX Teacher Advocate Beth Sands
LYNX Teacher Advocate Marlon Moran
LYNX Teacher Advocate Monica Talley
LYNX Teacher Advocate Sandra Zimmerman
Work Based Learning Coordinator Jamey Melcher
LYNX Instructional Assistant Michele Canzoneri
LYNX Instructional Assistant Natasha Kobran
LYNX Secretary Cherokee Moshier
Data Coach Elizabeth Matheny
Math Specialist Leslie Byrd
Literacy Specialist Dee Dlugos
HSA Specialist Eugenia Ropp
Athletics, Extracurricular Activities, Facilities & Campus Improvement
Coordinator of Athletics, Extracurricular Activities, Facilities & Campus Improvement Keivette Hammond
Assistant Athletic Director Ronald Morris
Operations Lead William B Jenkins
Athletics Secretary Debbie Gerhart
Sports Information Director/Webmaster Brandon Brewbaker
Art: Visual and Performing
Teacher Lindsay Anderson
Teacher David Barber
Teacher Jordan Forrest
Teacher Allison McCarron
Teacher Tyler Miller
Teacher Nathan Speir
Teacher Brett Templeton
Teacher Heather Thomson
Career and Tech Education
Teacher Jocelyn Baier
Teacher Robin Brawner
Teacher Geoffrey Burns
Teacher Richard Cauble
Teacher Jonathan Churchill
Teacher Daa'iyah Cooke
Teacher Carolyn Moore
Teacher Kevin Pirri
Teacher Ryan Riesmeyer
Teacher Brittany Sentelle
Teacher Richard Stonebraker
Teacher Megan Clark
Teacher Tristan Dickison
Teacher Holly Hoagland
Teacher Danielle Manos
Teacher Lisa Martell
Teacher Elizabeth O'Neal
Teacher Mary Beth Roehl
Teacher Michelle Thompson
Teacher Andrew Tressa
Teacher Nancy Warren
Instr Asst, EL, Accelerated Achvmnt & Equity Mayra C Marchena
Teacher Rebecca Benson
Teacher Josh Cramer
Teacher Frank DeRose
Teacher Maya Massey
Teacher Meldoy Scott
Teacher Tawney Smith
Teacher Cathy Stup
Teacher Christina Tongyai
Teacher Stephen Vandevander
Teacher Angela Warye
Teacher Elena Alvarez
Teacher Maggie Arnold
Teacher Brett Bair
Teacher Angela Beans
Teacher Toni Border
Teacher Cynthia Estep
Teacher Andree Grove
Teacher Andrea McCarrick
Teacher Taylor McGaughey
Teacher Saubia Mujeeb
Teacher Miguel Paris-Peters
Teacher Karine Ptak
Teacher Kathryn Rice
Teacher Riley E. Smith
Media Center
Media Specialist Amy Garlitz
Media Specialist Assistant Heather Templeton
Physical Education
Teacher John Bodnar
Teacher Gian Byrd
Teacher Gian Byrd
Teacher Elizabeth Crouse (Cosens)
Teacher Ronald Morris
Teacher Phil Rhodes
Teacher Gregory Schreiber
Teacher Deborah Brandenburg
Teacher William Burroughs
Teacher Amy Connor
Teacher Valerie Cousins
Teacher Owen Davis
Teacher Lynn Fox
Teacher Deena Green
Teacher Amber Martinez
Teacher Angela Spencer
Teacher Miriah Stone
Teacher Mark Trice
Social Studies
Teacher Jeremy Brown
Teacher Michael Cleary
Teacher Michele Cramer
Teacher J. Sebastian Figueroa
Teacher Kathryn Hale
Teacher Devon Ketrow
Teacher Aldo Manino
Teacher Rebecca Pfeil
Teacher Jaime Pompe
Teacher Adam Smith
Teacher Beth Strakonsky
Teacher Michael Weimert
Teacher Kristen Welch
Special Education
Teacher Rebecca Brady
Teacher Steven Dobbin
Teacher Matilda Dougherty
Teacher Lynn Foster
Speech-Language Pathologist Jennifer Laggini
Teacher Allison Lazorchak
Teacher Betsy Manley
Teacher Matthew Plunkett
Teacher John Smith
Teacher Anna Waller

Special Education Program Assistant

Jing Tran
World Languages
Teacher Suzanne Bensing
Teacher Rebecca DeLameter
Teacher Rylie A. Dufresne
Teacher Jennie Lane
Teacher Katelyn Wade
Support Staff
User Support Specialist Ron Altieri
Instr Asst, Special Education Jennifer Brenzel
Support Brandon Brewbaker
Secretary Eva Celarie
Instr Asst Katherine DeGrange
Support Jay Godlove
Instr Asst - EL Department Tamyra Hill
Instr Asst, Special Education Veronica Ishii
Secretary, School Admin Elizabeth A Jones
Secretary Beth Lemen
Instr Asst Keanika Lewis
Instr Asst, Special Education Kianna Love
Instr Asst, Special Education James Lynch
Instr Asst, Special Education Tracey Christine Moore
Secretary Michele Perry
Secretary Carl Reed
Instr Asst, Special Education Sherrie Roberts
Instr Asst, Special Education William Smith
Support Marlena Wiley