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Shadowing a CTC Program




Students interested in applying to a CTC program must first schedule a shadow

experience for the program(s) they would like to apply for.  Shadowing is mandatory

for applying to any program offered at CTC. Students may shadow and

apply for up to two programs.  Students are encouraged to select programs to

shadow by talking with their high school counselor or by checking out

the programs on our CTC web site.  


On the day shadowing takes place students will ride the CTC bus from their

high school to and from CTC for half of the day.  During the shadow experience 

students can expect to meet with the instructor and other students interested in the 

program, as well as students currently enrolled in that program. Students are able to

ask questions about the program and hear the expectations of the instructor.   The

shadow experience is also a part of the acceptance criteria.  To learn more about the

acceptance criteria check out the Frequently Asked Questions.  


The shadowing and application process begins in November each year

and runs through February.  Students may shadow and apply at anytime

during that period. 


Shadowing and applications will be accepted after February

during the 2nd round of applications only for programs that still have open seats.  


*Please note - if you have already shadowed an open program you do not need to re-shadow.*


For more information about CTC and the shadow, application, and enrollment

process click here or check out the FAQs page.


Please remember you MUST shadow a program before Applying.

Applications that are made without a shadow experience will not be considered.    


*Please note - if you have already shadowed an open program you do not need to re-shadow.*



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