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The Frederick County Students Construction Trades Foundation, Inc. (F.C.S.C.T.F, Inc.)


The student house projects began in 1978 when educators and business representatives came together and formed the Frederick County Students Construction Trades Foundation, Inc. (FCSCTF, Inc.) to provide an educational project that would provide in-the-field experience for students desiring to learn construction and to assist students in learning about the career opportunities available in the construction industry.

The following is a list of the current programs involved in the construction of the student house projects: Carpentry, Computer Aided Design, Construction Electricity, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning-Plumbing, Landscaping, Masonry, and Cabinet Making.

The students’ work is under constant scrutiny.The student house project must receive the same government inspections as any other dwelling in Frederick City and County. In addition to the government inspections, contractor members of program advisory committees and their instructors inspect the work. All inspections point out the students’ strengths and areas that need improvement or correction.The end result is an excellent education and a well-built house.

It takes a lot of people and coordination to make the house project work. In addition to the FCSCTF, Inc. providing this opportunity, FCPS provides the training facility, instructors, and equipment at CTC. The Transportation Department of FCPS provides the bus service and maintains the vehicles required to transport equipment.

High school students can make appointments now to shadow Construction Technology Programs offered at CTC. High school students interested in additional information should see their counselors or call the CTC Guidance Department at 240-236-8494.

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