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Allen, Sarah Language Arts, Teacher
Barnes, Colleen Visual & Performing Arts and Career & Technology Education,  Teacher
Bartlett, Rae Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher
Bauer, Keith Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Baughman, Andrew Language Arts and Visual and Performing Arts, Teacher
Bellafiore, Maria Support Staff, Attendance Secretary
Bobrow, Meggan English Language Learners, Teacher
Boester, Bradley Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Bosco, Andrew Social Studies, Teacher
Boyer, Melanie Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Brdecka, Tricia Administration, Assistant Principal
Brown, Sunmy Special Education, Teacher
Clegg, Joshua Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Conrad, Doug Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher
Cook, Michelle Counseling, Registrar
Costello, Gail World Language, Teacher
DeMino, Kristina Science, Teacher
Disler, Jacqui Support Staff, Administrative Secretary
Domboski, Kathleen Media Services, Media Specialist
Emery-Johnson, Marcia Special Education, Teacher
Erb, David Mathematics, Teacher
Estok, Eileen Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Farrell, Jillian Counseling, Class of 2029 Counselor
Ferris, Jen Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Gagne, Meghan Social Studies, Teacher
Gaines, Evan Science, Teacher
Georg, Ruth Mathematics, Teacher
Gilbertson, Laura Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher
Glass, Victoria Advanced Academics, Specialist
Good, Marianna Special Education, Teacher
Grapes, Crystie Mathematics, Teacher
Haga, Paul Social Studies, Teacher
Hager, Charles Science, Teacher
Hale, Hannah Mathematics, Teacher
Hall, Alanda Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Hall, Ashley Language Arts, Teacher
Hand, Lee Administration, Assistant Principal
Handlin, Kay-Lee Language Arts, Teacher
Harris, Jona Mathematics, Teacher
Hathaway, Jodi Mathematics, Teacher
Hawkins, Ashley Mathematics, Specialist
Herbold, James Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Hogan, Wendy Physical Education & Health, Teacher
Holder, Christiane World Language, Teacher
Isacco, Martha Language Arts and Mathematics, Teacher
Isleib, Matthew Science, Teacher
Kaveney, Emma Advanced Academics, Specialist
Keppley, Marissa Language Arts, Teacher
Kibler, Andrew Administration, Principal
Kozimor, Gina Language Arts, Teacher
Kreiner, Samantha Counseling,  Class of 2028 Counselor
Kubala, Jessenia Social Studies, Teacher
Linthicum, Anthony Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Long, Emily Language Arts, Teacher
Longenberger, Lauren Language Arts, Literacy Specialist
Lowrie, Mark Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Magnanelli, Amanda Science and Mathematics, Teacher
McComas, Waide Language Arts, Teacher
Moskowitz, Joshua Physical & Health Education, Teacher
Neumann, Klaus Social Studies, Teacher
Oland, Ashley Science, Teacher
Pollock, Chris Language Arts, Teacher
Poti, Brittany Science, Teacher
Randolph, Michelle Custodial, Lead Custodian
Reed, Lisa Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher
Riley, Rex Career & Technology Education, Teacher
Romanoski, Jessica Counseling, Class of 2030 Counselor
St. Paul, Othni Support Staff, Career Coach
Salazar, Vicky World Language, Teacher
Sayre, Jennifer Social Studies, Teacher
Schrodel, Shelby Health Room, Registered Nurse
Simmons, Marissa Social Studies and Mathematics, Teacher
Snyder, Tim  Visual & Performing Arts and Physical & Health Education, Teacher
Spahr, Erin Social Studies, Teacher
Spivey, Michael Dept of Technology, User Support Specialist
Stedman, Lois Special Education, Program Assistant
Stupar, Ali Administration, Assistant Principal
Stump, Anne Special Education, Speech Pathologist
Sypole, Liz Mathematics, Teacher
Teague, Michaele Language Arts, Teacher
Thomas, Deja Special Education, Teacher
Thompson, Erica Special Education, Teacher
Uhl, Kim Mathematics, Teacher
Villacres, Emily Mathematics, Teacher
Watts, Darrin Counseling, School Support Specialist
Weisman, Matthew Science, Teacher
Wurzberger, Heidi Language Arts, Teacher
Yanes, Yvonne World Language, Teacher