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Our Motto:  Soaring to Excellence


Soaring to excellence by empowering all students to learn to the best of their ability for success now and in the future.

Vision & Core Values:

* Display honesty, integrity and respect  in all interactions.
* Create and maintain a safe school and welcoming climate.
* Understand and celebrate the strength of diversity—locally, nationally, and internationally through collaborative practice and verbal discourse.
* Foster 21st century global learning through critical thinking, problem solving, technological expression, and STEM.
* Orient all of our efforts towards student initiative, accountability, and entrepreneurialism, which lead to high achievement and success for all students.  

UMS Code of Conduct: SOARing to Success

Ownership through
Attitude and


At UMS, if you want to achieve success, you need to SOAR by taking ownership of your behavior and your learning, demonstrating a positive attitude, and showing respect to others, everyone's property, and yourself.