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Health Services

Registered Nurse:
Diana Thurston, RN

Message from the Registered Nurse

In order for a student to receive a medication during the school day you are required to follow the FCPS Medication Administration Regulation. (Reg. 400-23)

The following checklist ensures regulation compliance:

  • The appropriate Medication Authorization form must be completed by the student’s health care provider for the 2022 - 2023 school year.
  • Parent/guardian and the health care provider must sign & date this form.
  • Prescription medication(s) must be in a pharmacy labeled container with the student’s name, prescriber’s name, name of medication, dosage, route, directions for administration, conditions for storage, prescription date and expiration date. Maryland law allows prescription medication to be used only for 1 year beyond date of issue or until the expiration date indicated on the medication—whichever comes first.
  • Over-the-counter medication(s) must be provided to the school in the original sealed container.
  • Prescription information on label must match the Health Care Provider Authorization information on the Medication Authorization Form.
  • An adult must transport all medications to and from school. Medications must be given directly to Health Room staff.
  • The first full day’s dosage of ANY new medication must be given at home. 


Please note Epinephrine, Diastat, Glucagon and inhalers have an expiration date printed on the device in addition to the pharmacy label. Therefore the container expiration date must be equal to or exceed the expiration date on the pharmacy label. Please make sure the expiration date on the individual medication container exceeds the expiration date on the label before leaving the pharmacy.


All forms can be obtained from Health Room staff or by going to  For further questions, you may contact the Health Room staff.

Updated Guidance  for PreK-12 School and Child Care Guidance by MDH (7/22/22)

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