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It is the expectation that Urbana High students will not engage in plagiarism, cheating, or the facilitation of academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism is the unaccredited use of another’s ideas and presenting it as one’s own, regardless of intent, whether through lack of citation, improper citation, summarizing another's work without giving due credit, reusing one's own paper from a previous class, falsification of documentation, or copying and pasting from the internet.

Cheating is any attempt to gain an unfair advantage through an unauthorized or improper source.

Facilitation of Academic Dishonesty is helping another student plagiarize or cheat and is just as bad as committing the actual offense.

Academic integrity is not just a matter of scholarly pride, it also speaks to the content of an individual's character.

As Hawks, we all take the following honor pledge: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment or assessment. My name on this piece of work affirms my character and honor.