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FindOutFirst - school and district communications

FCPS uses FindOutFirst to send important email from the district and each school.

For parents/guardians of FCPS students, the district uploads to FindOutFirst:

  • the email address you provide to your child's school for the Student Information System
  • the school and grade level for each student with a parent/guardian email address

Taking the following steps, you can customize your FCPS communication:

  • Add your mobile phone/carrier to get emergency-closing text messages
  • Add your news preferences
  • Check to make sure your account includes EACH of your children's grade levels and schools.
  • Add a secondary email address to get notices at more than one place

To check and/or add information, log in at Using the email address you provided your child's school as your Username, select the Forgotten Password link to re-set your password.

*Parents: If you change your primary email address in FOF, the system will re-set it to the address in our Student Information System. You must contact the school in order to update that primary email address.