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Office Hours
7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Attendance Secretary
Nancy Sanders

Attendance Policies and Procedures

Absence from School

  • Parents should email in the morning on the day of the absence. Please include the student’s first and last name, the dates of the absence, and the specific reason for the absence (for example, illness; medical, dental, or physical therapy appointment; funeral; club soccer tournament; skating competition).
  • If not emailed prior, a note stating the reason for any absence or lateness is required upon students' return. Any absence is automatically classified as unlawful until an approved note is provided. Students are to give any paper notes to a staff member in the gym or cafeteria during morning arrival at school. Emails are to be sent to
  • Parent notes excusing student absences for illness will be accepted for a maximum of ten (10) days throughout the ten-month school year. Additional days missed must be verified through a physician’s note in order to be coded as EXCUSED.
  • Students with an excess of five (5) UNEXCUSED absences in any term shall be assigned a failing grade in those missed classes. When a student reaches three (3) days or classes of unlawful absence in any marking period, the principal will mail a letter to the parents or guardians alerting them of the impending failure.
  • Students are responsible for requesting make-up work when they return following an absence. They are allowed as many days as they were absent to turn in the work. Any questions regarding assignments should be discussed with your child’s teacher by email or phone.
  • Students absent from school may not participate in after-school activities.

Early Dismissals

  • Students leaving early must have a note from a parent/guardian with the time and reason for leaving early. The reason must not be just “appointment,” but must state medical, dental, physical therapy, funeral, club soccer tournament, skating competition, etc.  Staff in the Cafeteria and Gym will be ready to receive all notes at school arrival, and will write passes for early dismissals. If a student does not come to school prior to 8:00 a.m. they should come to the office so a pass can be prepared to be distributed during their lunch period.
  • At the start of class the student must show the pass to the teacher. When it is time to dismiss they will get up and leave class. The office tries not to call classrooms and disrupt class learning.  When returning to school the same day as the early dismissal, please sign back in at the office, turn in your doctor’s note, and receive a return pass.

Late Arrivals to School

  • Students who arrive to school after 8:05 a.m. must report to the office. Students should have a note explaining the reason for being tardy. If a student has received three unexcused passes from the Office per term they will be assigned an after school detention.

Family Vacations

  • 5 days are allowed per year. Three days before the vacation occurs the student must bring in a note from the parent/guardian stating the dates of the absences and the reason.

For further detail on the FCPS regulation on student absence, please see