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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 

ROAR Rules

Thurmont Elementary School is a PBIS school.  By providing school-wide expectations and frequent feedback, redirection and support as needed, we hope to reinforce appropriate behaviors and increase student awareness of those expectations in order to promote safety, learning and kindness.  We expect our students to use “ROARing” behavior daily.  ROAR is an acronym for our school-wide expectations:

  • Students will be RESPONSIBLE
    • Follow classroom/school rules and routines
    • Follow directions
    • Exhibit self-control
    • Be prepared for learning
  • Students will take OWNERSHIP
    • Engage/maintain attention to learning tasks
    • Use strategies to solve social problems
    • Show initiative and self-direction
    • Handle changes and transition
    • Take personal responsibility
    • Follow oral/written directions
    • Maintain a growth mindset
    • Complete class and homework
    • Show a positive attitude towards learning
    • Organize self and materials
  • Students will show RESPECT
    • Interact kindly with others
    • Use classroom materials appropriately
    • Show courtesy and consideration for others
    • Listen attentively to adults/peers     

Kindness is the central theme of our school, with the expectation that students show kindness in all of their interactions.  Citizenship is reinforced through our ROAR expectations, as well as attendance.  Part of being responsible is attending school daily, with the expectation for all students to maintain a 96% attendance rate, no more than 7 days of absence during the school year.

Our students learn the importance of mindfulness and taking time out if they need a break. We encourage students to self-monitor and pay attention to their bodies if they are struggling.  We teach the “zones of regulation”, which are color cues to help students better articulate how they are feeling.  Throughout the year we also teach yoga poses, which we encourage students to help them with attention, frustration, and self-regulation.

Clear consequences are also part of the supports provided in a PBIS school.  At TES the teacher will alert you if your child is having difficulty following the rules using a “Cougar Reminder”. Progressive consequences will follow through a referral to Administration if the inappropriate behavior continues. We will reach out to you, our partner, in providing accountability and problem solving. Our goal is to support your child so that s/he can be successful.

ROARing Recognition Dates:  Nov. 14, Feb. 13, Apr. 16, June 4 (may be adjusted)


As we end each quarter, we are excited to celebrate student success at our Cougar ROAR Assemblies.  At the assemblies we recognize students who go above and beyond every day, those who show ROARing behavior as described above. Classroom teachers select students to be recognized at the assembly for modeling ROARing behavior throughout the school.                                                        

While our goal is to reinforce outstanding character and ROAR behavior every day, these assemblies recognize those students who demonstrate outstanding character regularly and who serve as role models for other students. Special invitations will be extended to the parents/guardians of selected students each quarter.

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