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The Earth and Space Science Laboratory (ESSL) has been a unique part of the Frederick County Public Schools, and the community, since 1962. The “old” facility housed a Spitz A3P planetarium projector, a 24’ dome, with bench seating for 70 people. From 1962 – 1985 this facility encompassed just the planetarium and a Geology Lab. In 1985 an Oceanography Lab was added and in 1995 Meteorology was added to the curriculum. Since 1995, the ESSL has truly promoted all four of the earth sciences.

Past to Present Directors of the ESSL

Ned Kerns 1962-1969
Dr. James R. Orgren 1964-1966
Ed P. Yurkovich 1966-1969
Charlie Lambert 1969-1983
Craig Cutler 1983-1988
Mark Bowman 1988-2014
Jeff Grills 1988-2018
Lisa Bruck 2014-Present
Adam Farbman 2018-Present