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School Nurse: Kim Harrison

Health Technician: Rebecca Fritz

Health Room: 240-236-4974

Fax: 240-236-5001, Attention Health Room

For all FCPS Health Services, please refer to our FCPS Health Services page.

Medication/Treatment Orders from your Healthcare Provider:

The appropriate medication/treatment authorization form(s) must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Forms are available online on our Health Forms website or at your child’s school. All medications need to be dropped off by parents with accompanying authorization forms completed.

Please be aware of the expiration date on the pharmacy label when bringing the medication to the health room with the new authorization form. School health staff will determine medication expiration by the date printed on the pharmacy label. Note EpiPens, Diastat, Glucagon and inhalers have an expiration date printed on the container in addition to the pharmacy label. Therefore the container expiration date must be equal to or exceed the expiration date on the pharmacy label. Please make sure the expiration date on the individual medication container exceeds the expiration date on the label before leaving the pharmacy. Students are not permitted to self carry prescription or over the counter medications.