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It has been a long standing tradition for students and families to gather at the Parkway playground after school hours. We welcome families to enjoy this special time of community and ask for your help and support to enhance student safety in the following ways:

1. All students must have an adult, who is responsible for them while on school property, after school hours, from 3:30 to 4:00 pm. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. Independent walkers are to walk home if a parent is not here after school to supervise them on the playground.

2. Parents who drive to school to pick up their children as “car-riders” and plan to stay with their children, should park in marked spaces in the back parking lot, or in street spots adjacent to the school. Do not park in the driveway leading out of the back parking lot until after dismissal at 3:45 pm. If your child is an independent walker, please park on the streets adjacent to the school. The purpose of this procedure is to keep the back parking lot clear of foot traffic for the duration of dismissal. Students are not allowed to walk on the back parking lot/blacktop playground during dismissal except to walk to their parents’ vehicles when dismissed by PES staff. If you park after your child has entered your vehicle, please be sure to cross with your child, as vehicles are still exiting school grounds. Students should not be allowed to cross by themselves while vehicles are leaving school grounds for dismissal.

3. Students need to comply with all school expectations while still on school property. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all type of physical contact, including games of tackle and wrestling, hitting with sticks, and throwing mulch. A good rule of thumb is, if you would not approve of our staff allowing the activity during the school day, it should not occur while students are in the same physical location.

4. Playground rules are the same during and after school. Please have your child share with you the expectations that are taught during the school day. For example, students should walk up the steps and slide down the slide; students should climb on stairs and walkways of playground equipment only.

  • Be aware of boundaries (stay within the tree line)
  • Slide: Go down feet first, on your bottom, one student at a time
  • Zip Line: Use if you are tall enough to reach the handles on your own. Students should not push others across the zipline.
  • Monkey Bars: One student going across (hanging down from the rungs) at a time.
  • Bars: Two hands must be on bars at all times
  • Bench - Seating only (no standing or jumping off)

5. Students may only play in the playground area. The portables, ramps and surrounding area, including the walls outside of classrooms, are off limits. Students are not allowed to throw balls against the school building. The noise may be distracting to adults and/or students who may still be working inside the building.

6. Once students have been dismissed from the building, they may not re-enter the building for personal needs, including drinks, restroom and health room visits. The health room is closed to students at the end of the instructional day.

Parkway Elementary School reserves the right to limit access to the playground after school during dismissal from 3:30 to 3:45 daily, if needed, to ensure student safety.