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How Can You Help?


HES will reduce the # of students who are chronically absent from 50 to 44. .

Ensure your student’s success by…

  1. On time arrival in school
  2. Reach out to your child’s teacher if he/she is struggling or if you need assistance. 


At Hillcrest Elementary School we will increase our Positive Referrals by 10% every term.

1.Encourage PACK pride in school. Pride, Academic Effort, Citizenship and Kindness.


2.Discuss with your child what they did during the day and how they showed PACK. 

Language Arts

We will strive to have all students meet grade level expectations on all subtests. Our current goal is by the end of the year, students will make progress on all  subtests, including Phoneme Segmentation FLuency,  Nonsense word, Whole Words, and Oral Reading Fluency Assessments. 


1. Encourage reading at home.  Also, have conversations with your child with complete sentences to build vocabulary, and speaking and listening skills

2. Encourage your student to read words they see around the house or when you are out of the house.

3. Ask your students questions about what they have just read.

Language Arts

We will strive to have all students demonstrate proficiency on the 2022 Spring MCAP in math and reading.

1. Encourage reading and math practice at home.

2. Ask your students questions about what they have just read.

3. Ask your student to share what they have learned at home. 

Family Engagement

The percentage of favorable responses on the Systemic Family Engagement Survey will be 80% or higher on the 2021-2022 EOY administration.

1.Discuss any concerns you may have about your student with his/her teacher or contact the school counselor.


2.Encourage your child to use PATHS strategies and coping skills as well as breathing techniques to regulate emotions.


3..Participate in a Systemic Social EL survey when it is sent home via email.