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What is the Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is an initiative designed to inspire young people around the world to learn more about computers and programming. 

Did you know*...

  • 90% of parents want their students to learn computer science but only 40% of schools teach computer programming! 
  • A computer science major can earn 40% more during their lifetime than the average college major!
  • There are currently 500,000 job openings in the field of computer science (and that number is expected to grow at twice the rate of other career fields)!

*For more statistics and information visit

Who participates in HOC?

Boys and girls around the world participate in activities during The Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week!

  • 658, 837, 233 students (that's 658 million boys and girls just like you!)  
  • 181 countries 
  • 45 different languages

Think you're ready to start coding? Are you a beginner?

Start Here:
Use this link, watch the video and start coding with the Angry Birds!
Hour of Code: Angry Birds

Learn more about conditional coding and loops
Tynker: Puppy Adventure

Want to try some other block coding activities like Angry Birds?
Check these out:

HOC: Star Wars 
HOC:Minecraft Adventure
HOC: Minecraft Code Designer

Try out Google's Holiday Coding!
Google Code Lab

Think you are pretty good?

Use this link, watch the video and start coding with the Flappy Birds!

Hour of Code: Flappy Bird

Start creating games or write a story
Hour of Code:Play Lab

Program With Kodable

Hour of Code: Kodable

Made with Code by Google
Holiday Emoji
Hidden Figures
Garden Robots
Wonder Woman

Basically a professional?

Try Hour of Code with Khan Academy
Khan Academy: Drawing with Code

Scratch: Choose Your Own Activity
Use the tutorials on the right side of the page
Options include:
Animate Your Name
Make it Fly
Make Music
and 6 others!

*Tips for using Scratch:
Watch the tutorial videos and use the step by step guide to make the most of your time!

Want to try something different?

Try coding with HTML instead of block coding.

HTML Writing

Interactive Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet PDF