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2021-2022 UES Staffing

If you need to get in touch with staff, please reach out via Schoology. 

Department Name Job Title
Front Office Tracy Hilliard Principal
Front Office Lisa Wrzesinski Assistant Principal
Front Office Susan Welch Administrative Secretary
Front Office Julie Hales Secretary
Health Room Nicole Neyman Nurse
Health Room Keegan Coolidge Health Room Technician
Counseling April Miller Counselor
Counseling Kate Bladden Counselor
Counseling Juralee Miranda Psychologist
PreK Missy DeTroye Special Education Instruction Assistant
PreK Tonya Full Special Education Instruction Assistant
PreK Lynn Rainis Special Education Instruction Assistant
Kindergarten Kim Baumgardner Teacher
Kindergarten Sarah Flora Teacher
Kindergarten Alisha Higgins Teacher
Kindergarten Toya Newman-Piermarini Teacher
Kindergarten Kirsten Richards Teacher
1st Grade Amanda Beach Teacher
1st Grade Kalia Kelly Teacher
1st Grade Jennifer Mitchell Teacher
1st Grade Marla Roth Teacher
2nd Grade Kimberly Baker Teacher
2nd Grade Rebecca Hageman Teacher
2nd Grade Caris Meni Teacher
2nd Grade Johanna O'Branovich Teacher
3rd Grade Gretchen Fay Teacher
3rd Grade Lauren Oxenford Teacher
3rd Grade Lauren Pearce Teacher
3rd Grade Sara West Teacher
4th Grade Melissa Lasko Teacher
4th Grade Meghan Mckeever Teacher
4th Grade Julie Smith Teacher
4th Grade Gina Zabetakis Long Term Substitute Teacher
5th Grade Amanda Magnanelli Teacher- Magnet
5th Grade Laura McNally Teacher
5th Grade Scott Schartner Teacher
5th Grade Crystal Spicer Teacher
5th Grade Ansley Suarez Teacher
Specials Elle Albinson Art Teacher
Specials Tani Teixeira Art Teacher
Specials Sarah Albanetti Music Teacher
Specials Kyle Grimm Music Teacher
Specials Mark Wiles Physical Education Teacher
Specials Jenn Schmidt Physical Education Teacher
  Tammy Cave Instrumental Music Teacher
  Joe Wills Instrumental Music Teacher
Special Education Stephanie Houk Special Education 
Special Education Nataly Medrano Special Education
Special Education Lauri McDonald Special Education
Special Education Pamela Kiyota Program Assistant
Special Education Jasmine Layer Instructional Assistant
Special Education Lynn Evans Instructional Assistant
Special Education Tuesday Johnson Instruction Assistant
Specialist Amber James Math
Specialist Suzanne Landy Literacy
Specialist Jennifer Cofone Intervention
Specialist Tina Sanford Speech 
Specialist Ivette Vichot-Taboas ELL
Specialist Dylane White Library Media
Specialist Connie De La Vega OT
Specialist Dawn Fatogante PT
Support Staff Brady, Stephanie Instructional Assistant
Support Staff David Hord User Support Specialist
Support Staff Kelly Scholz Resident Substitute Teacher
Support Staff Jennifer Summers Lunch Monitor
Custodial Olivia Konter Lead Custodian
Custodial Derrick Walker Custodian
Custodial Clayton Boone Custodian
Custodial Russell Pipkin Custodian
Cafeteria Tanya Steward Food Service Site Assistant
Cafeteria Edgardo Viera Food Service Worker