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"Tutor Me" Virtual Tutoring Services, a  free student online tutoring and homework help service, is now available in any subject for students in grades 6-12. 

  • is a secure, online resource easily accessible through the FCPS Clever Portal and offers on-demand assistance.
  • The service provides assistance that aligns with the FCPS curriculum, including knowledge of new curriculum tools being implemented.
  • The service maintains rigorous standards providing high-quality, diverse tutors, screened for excellence (including a criminal background check). The service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Features include:
    • An online lesson space with a virtual whiteboard - Demo Space
    • Text editor and chat space
    • Audio/video chat (although you do not have to use this feature or turn on your camera)
    • A function to allow sharing of screenshots of work examples to assist tutors as they provide support
    • More than 300 subjects from math to science, social studies and languages
    • Directions for how students can access the service are here.

More information is available at the vendor website,  and this Student Support Document