Mrs. Trese (TC) Suter

Assistant Principal: 
Mr. Donald Reed

Attendance Secretary:
Mrs. Katrina Barclay

For attendance matters, please use the following email:

Teresa Golden  

Mission & Vision

New Market Middle School's Mission:

The mission of the New Market Middle School community of students, staff, and parents is to foster the development of critical thinkers, problem solvers, effection communicators, and life-long learners who are prepared to be honorable, successful, and contributing members of the ever-changing 21st century.

New Market Middle School's Vision:

The NMMS learning community of students, staff, and parents will work collaboratively to exceed local, state, and national standards for student achievement, character development, teacher efficacy, and family and community involvement. The collective commitment will ensure:

  • Rigorous learning that challenges and supports all students to achieve at high levels and reacn their full potential
  • A welcoming, disciplined, and healthy environment that is conducive to student learning and character development
  • Highly qualified teachers are working in professional learning communities that focus on student learning and achievement
  • Parents and community members are partnering in the learning process of students
  • Time, material, and human resources are allocated in a manner that supports student learning
MD Safe Schools

The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line is an anonymous reporting system used to report threats to the safety and/or well-being of students. Students, parents, faculty, staff, and members of communities throughout Maryland may use this anonymous, app- and web-based reporting system to share their concerns, such as:

Mental health crises ~ Bullying ~ School and community violence ~ Drug activity ~ Abuse ~ Harassment ~ Other issues affecting our Maryland students

The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line is a tool for proactively addressing harmful situations and helping students who need it. By using a variety of communication modes to support the reporting and routing of tips, The Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line empowers the citizens of Maryland to create a culture of preparedness, prevention, and school safety for our students.

For Tip Line information, see the Maryland Center For School Safety website:

See Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line Flyer here: