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Frederick County Virtual School (FCVS) has been providing virtual course options since 2012, serving over 2000 students each school year.  FCVS uses multiple Learning Management Systems to offer comprehensive blended online courses.  Courses are designed to allow students to move through the course with minimal synchronous instruction from the teacher.  Courses include all content (including videos, manipulatives, and scaffolding), all assignments for the entire course, discussion boards, and appropriate accommodations and translation tools.  Periodic synchronous sessions are a requirement of the learning process.  Instructors are highly-qualified FCPS teachers with special training in working with students in a virtual setting.  Students interact with an online community of teachers and students as they complete assignments, respond to discussion board posts and take exams within established timelines.  

Frederick County Virtual School began offering a remote learning option in 2021 call the High School Blended Virtual Program (HSBVP) The HSBVP is available to FCPS students in Grades 9-12. Students will be instructed in the FCPS curriculum in a remote virtual setting that will include regular live synchronous instruction and asynchronous opportunities.  

The HSBVP will follow the same 180-day FCPS academic calendar year set forth by the Board of Education of Frederick County.  Live virtual classes will occur daily, Monday through Friday.  Students enrolled in the virtual program will still have opportunities to participate in athletic and most extracurricular activities offered in their home school of attendance.