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Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Ready to Learn! Be Brunswick Strong!


Name Job Title Email Address
Dr. Kimberly Mazaleski Principal
Laura Davidson Assistant Principal

Pre-Kindergarten Team

Name Email Address
Anna Kaetzel
Barbara Matlock

Kindergarten Team

Name Email Address
Lauren Blackmon
Amanda Phillips
Erin Phillips
Laura Poore
Kim Tritch

First Grade Team

Name Email Address
Nicki Dorsey
Melanie Jennings
Andrea McGuigan
Molly Murphy
Stephanie Reichert

Second Grade Team

Name Email Address
April Brothers
Shannon Gregory
Allison Phelps
Mallory Rudy

Third Grade Team

Name Email Address
Megan Alsip
Matthew Byrd
Jody Eccard
Anna Olszewski
Meghan Schnur

Fourth Grade Team

Name Email Address
Bailey Blickenstaff
Hope Bonanno
Laura Desetti
Jessica Haupt
Caroline Hering

Fifth Grade Team

Name Email Address
Mary Chew
Justin Collins
Julie Miller
Katelyn Parker
Todd Raynor

Resiliency Team

Name Position Email Address
Kathleen Klecan Lead School Counselor
Samantha Slick Grades Pre-K to 2 School Counselor
Michelle Getzandanner Grades 3 to 5 School Counselor
Geri Pryor School Psychologist
Sarah Clark Behavioral Support Specialist

Specials Team

Name Content Area Email Address
Wendy Freeman Art
Angela Silvio-Vyner Art
Laura Tinney Art
AnnaClaire Ayoub Music
Jonathan Cook Music
Kourtney Jorgenson Music
Dylan Green PE
Brian Westerman PE
Blake Williams PE

Specialists Team

Name Position Email Address
Suzanne Connelly Intervention Specialist (ELA)
Becky Wade Literacy Specialist
Jamie Hawk Math Specialist
Caitlin Mills Intervention Specialist (Math)
Justine Johnson ML Teacher
Dreda Kelley Intervention
Kendra Pastor-Shields Intervention
Shane Price Intervention

Special Education Team

Name Position Email Address
Jamie Aldridge Special Education
Mitch Chalk Special Education
Jen Hultslander Special Education
Kelly Martin-Moore Special Education
Samantha Richards Special Education
Tessa Tuck Special Education
Kim Barr Speech Pathologist
Nia Mentzer Speech Pathologist
Rachel Walling Resource Program Assistant